Using the Stages Tracking Widget

Learn how to use the Stages Tracking Widget


Stages is an order management platform that not only helps you and your employees track hundreds of orders across your manufacturing and fulfillment processes — it helps your customers track them too.

Don't keep your customers guessing about where there order is. With the Stages Tracking Widget, you can make sure your customers always know exactly how much work has been done on their order, and how much work is left before it's in their hands.

All you have to do is send them to where they can easily keep track of their order as you and your team put it together.

Tip: You can send your users straight to their tracked order (instead of searching for it first) by creating a link in your automated emails that points to {{stages.trackinglink}}.

Tracking Widget

Widget options

By default, the widget only allows your customers to search for their orders by entering the email address used to purchase an order. If you'd like, you can also allow your customers to search for orders by entering the order ID.

However, this has some privacy implications you should consider. It's difficult for a customer to guess the email address of any other customer on your store, but it's not difficult for them to guess the next or previous order ID if they already know one (e.g. 1234, 1235, 1236, etc).

The Stages Tracking Widget does not reveal any personal information such as the customer's shipping address, but it does reveal the date an order was placed along with a summary of the items that were ordered. In addition, you should take care that your stage names do not reveal any personal information as well.

Widget Options